Carina Moeller creates an intimate and authentic tango experience, both in Triangulo's classes and milongas. You feel like you've been welcomed into Carina's home; there's a great vibrancy to Triangulo and its dancers.
-- Jay D.

Year End Review 2014

“Behind each well-executed step and turn, is a strong technique”

This 2 hour class is specifically designed for Leaders and Followers who want to review what they learn this year and measure their progress.

This class is designed for our newer dancers however is appropriate for all levels. After all, you can never get enough of the basics.
Curriculum of the Workshop:
- Understand what is required of each role and get results using proper technique.
- Art of the Embrace and feeling comfortable with it.
- Posture, Axis, Balance and Change of Weight.
- Technique behind the Walk, the Turn, the Pause and the Change of direction.
- Steps # Figures (box, the cross, forward & back ochos, rock steps, ocho cortado etc..)
- Breaking away from patterns and making your own combination adding embellishments
- Tricks for Navigating safely on the dance floor.
- Awareness of the Music and your own tempo.

Plus, stay for a 1/2 hour mini practica after class (9:00-9:30)

Monday December 22 (7:00-9:30 pm) with Laure Lion

$50. Sign up here.

TTT! Tango on Tuesday at Triangulo

All Levels: Our popular and long running milonga has added a tango class beforehand. Come out on Tuesdays at 8:30 pm for a class with Carina and get ready to dance all night! $20 includes the class, the milonga and snacks/wine at the bar. Students with current packages may attend the Pre-Milonga class at no extra charge and pay $8 entrance to the milonga. (Cash only at the door or register in advance). We will hold TTT and the Tuesday Milonga Thanksgiving Week.

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