Carina Moeller creates an intimate and authentic tango experience, both in Triangulo's classes and milongas. You feel like you've been welcomed into Carina's home; there's a great vibrancy to Triangulo and its dancers.
-- Jay D.


Our Resident Instructors

Carina Moeller (Founder and Artistic Director)

Carina Moeller is an accomplished dancer with professional training in modern dance, ballet, tap and jazz. She performed across Europe and the United States in theater and dance until finally settling into New York and founding Triangulo. She continues to be regarded as one of the foremost instructors in the city and is known for the supportive and friendly environment she creates for her students. She has taught across the US and Europe and performed with Pablo Veron, Julio Bassan, Murat Erdemsel, Eduardo Goytia, Steve Cook among others. Among the hundreds of students she taught were Willam Dafoe and Matt Lauer. She and her students have appeared on The Today Show, and The Economist voted her “The best in Town”. For more detailed information click here or check out some of her performances with Eduardo Goytia at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center: traditional tango, milonga, alternative tango.

Dante Polichetti

Dante PolichettiDante Polichetti discovered the Argentine tango in 2002 and instantly fell in love with its beauty, movement and sensibility. After some years of study and student performances, Dante joined the New Generation Dance Co. and appeared alongside such esteemed artists as Carlos Copello, Guillermina Quiroga, Natalia Hills and Gabriel Misse in “El Rey del Tango,” and “Volver al Sur.” Teaching in NYC since 2007, Dante is more than pleased to join Triangulo’s staff and share in the unique and vibrant community that the studio offers. Forever a student of this magnificent artform, Dante is honored to share what he has learned and synthesized from many wonderful teachers over the years. He looks forward to continuing the exploration, the conversation, that is tango. Abrazo, caminar, bailar.

Laure Lion

Laure LionLaure Lion is French and grew up in Paris. She was first introduced to tango by her maternal grandmother who danced it in her youth. Laure studied acting in Paris throughout her childhood, and in her early twenties moved to New York to continue her creative journey. She re-discovered tango a few years later and in early 2000, immersed herself extensively, studying with tango masters in Argentina and New York. Her understanding of tango, its technique, and the precision of her teaching makes her a favorite among students at Triangulo.

Some of our Visiting Intructors

Ana Padron and Diego Blanco

Ana and Diego

Award-winning Argentine Tango Dancers Ana Padron and Diego Blanco are one of the top performing couples in the New York Tango scene and in the world today. Their tango style is energetic, rhythmical and innovative. Through their fluid moves they fuse Nuevo Tango with the close embrace look of traditional tango. They have honed their technique and skills since their paths first crossed at the New World School of the Arts in Miami, Florida, culminating in Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees from the University of Florida, from which they both graduated with honors.

Carolina Jaurena and Andres Bravo

Carolina and Andres

Carolina Jaurena and Andres Bravo are one of the best known Tango performing couples in the New York area. Each began dancing tango in their childhood and then went on to perform on the international stage. The list of their individual work as teachers, choreographers and performers is long and varied and includes work in Latin America, the US, Europe and the Mideast. Two years ago they began working together in shows, festivals and teaching classes. They are renowned for their precision of movement and their professionalism.


Richard Ariza

Richard ArizaAs host of the Saturday Chelsea Market Milonga, Richard began teaching the introductory classes in 2006. From assisting his teacher Carina Moeller, Richard went on to teach introductory and beginner classes at Triangulo. Richard’s milonguero style is the product of the influence of the many teachers with whom he has studied including Carlos Copello, Mario Bournissen, and Willie Feuer. Richard has taught at Milonga Del Encanto as well as University High School in Newark. For the past three years he and his partner Maura Hays have been teaching the Absolute Beginner class that immediately follows The Afternoon Milonga on the last Friday of each month.

E. Maura Hays

E. Maura HaysE. Maura Hays’s Argentine Tango journey commenced formally in January 2004 via her studies through Triangulo: The Studio for Argentine Tango with the incomparable Ms. Carina Moeller. Since 2004-2005, Maura Has embraced and studied the milonguero style of the Argentine tango both privately and through group structure with instructors such as Maria Jose Sosa, Ivan and Sara Terrazas’s FeralTango Lab, Mariela Franganillo, and Rebecca Shulman, to name a few. Maura commenced milonga organizing, hosting, and Introductory and Beginner Tango Instruction with Mr. Richard Ariza in 2005 through Triangulo’s Chelsea Market Milonga and its Introductory Workshop. In June 2007, Maura and Richard collaboratively developed and launched Triangulo’s joy-inspiring Friday Afternoon Milonga. In 2008, Maura initiated Triangulo’s Saturday Afternoon Milonga.

Upcoming Events.

Sign up here for classes. April classes run March 31 – April 27.

Monica Paz is here!

Don’t miss her performance this Tuesday, April 15 at our weekly milonga (9:30-12:30).

On Monday, April 21, she will teach a women’s technique workshop as part of our Monday Workshop series.

Monday Workshops

This month, don’t miss the Monday Workshop Series. Every Monday from 8:30-10:00 pm will feature different instructors, levels and ideas.

On Monday, April 15, Laure and Rob are “Combining the Elements” for beginner and up. Everyone can benefit from learning how to take the simple things you already know and combine them into new and interesting combinations.

Click here for more information on the series. Sign up here.


LIVE MUSIC: Tuesday April 29 Tito Castro and Adam Tully will play at our Tuesday Milonga (9:30-12:30). Live music charge is $15.

On Thursday May 1st, Jay Abling will be subbing for Ana and Diego’s Bootcamp classes. Join us for: Dancing through the evolution of tango music. (This class/workshop is actually a combination of dancing and lecturing.). Bootcamp 1 at 6:30 (Adv. Beginner) and Bootcamp 2 at 7:30 (Intermediate). Jay will also teach the May 3 Milonga class.

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