Carina Moeller creates an intimate and authentic tango experience, both in Triangulo's classes and milongas. You feel like you've been welcomed into Carina's home; there's a great vibrancy to Triangulo and its dancers.
-- Jay D.

Rates and Packages

Pricing for group classes, private lessons, workshops, and packages .

Group Classes

Group Class Rates

It is recommended that you sign up for classes as close to the beginning of the month as possible as the classes are designed to progress over the course of each four-week cycle. This is particularly important for the beginner classes. It is possible, however, to take each class on a drop-in basis with instructor permission.

Drop-Ins Monthly Class Cards
Single Drop-In Class Two Drop-In Classes Per Day One Class Per Week* Two Classes Per Week* Three Classes Per Week* Four Classes Per Week* Unlimited**
Regular Students $25 $40 $90 $145 $185 $205 $230
University/ College Students $25 $40 $70 $125 $165 $185 $210
Advanced Class $125 (only advanced class)

$95 (to add on to another class package)

Performance Class $185 (2-month class)

*NOTE* All 4 hours of your group class must be taken within the 4 week semester in which you are registered.

Important: 4-week semesters do NOT always coincide with the calendar month. Look for the starting dates of each 4-week term on our website and on the big board in the studio.

NO rollover classes to the next month.

*Comes with discounted entrance ($8) to the Tuesday milonga and discounted entrances ( $5) to Wednesday practices.  Free Entrance to the “HAUS PARTY ” once a month.

** This does not include any workshop taught by a guest instructor or Gap Week Workshops. Comes with discounted entrance ($8) to the Tuesday milonga and discounted entrances ( $5) to Wednesday practices.  Free Entrance to the “HAUS PARTY ” once a month.


Private Lessons

Please contact instructors directly for information on pricing and availability. Click here for a list of instructors and their contact information.


Workshops are not included in class packages or unlimited cards unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Click here for information on Holiday Workshops taking place Dec. 23 through Jan. 4.

Gift Certificates & Packages!

Simple, classic, and an unlimited source of fun, tango is the perfect gift.
You may purchase a gift card or package for your self or another online. Click here to purchase.
If you have received a Triangulo gift card as a present, please call or see someone at the desk for assistance in redeeming it.
You can buy a gift card for any amount, or choose among our packages!

  • Wedding Packages

    Wedding Packages are available year-round. Please inquire for details.

  • Upcoming Events.

    May classes start on Monday April 28. Sign up here.

    Monday Evening Workshops will continue in May

    This week: April 28th Andres and Carolina will teach lapices, enrosques, and sacadas for both leaders and followers (enroll when you come to the workshop). One and half hour class starting at 8:30 pm.

    More exciting workshops will be announced soon.


    LIVE MUSIC: Tuesday April 29 Tito Castro and Adam Tully will play at our Tuesday Milonga (9:30-12:30). Live music charge is $15.

    On Thursday May 1st, J. Abling will be subbing for Ana and Diego’s Bootcamp classes. Join us for: Dancing through the evolution of tango music. (This class/workshop is actually a combination of dancing and lecturing.) Bootcamp 1 at 6:30 (Adv. Beg and up) and Bootcamp 2 at 7:30 (Adv. Beg and up). Although, you may take these classes separately, they are meant to be taken in tandem so we recommend taking both sessions. Regular class rates apply. If you do not have a class card, $40 for both classes, $25 for one.  J. will also teach the May 3 Milonga class.

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