Welcome to Triangulo

We are New York City’s only dance studio dedicated exclusively to Argentine tango.

We value building a community that is welcoming to dancers of all levels and experience who are united by a desire to learn, dance, and be immersed in Argentine tango. We invite you to join us for group classes, private lessons, practice, milongas, and special workshops all through the week. Click on the links to find out more, or register now.

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Featured Classes

Body Conditioning, “Yoga Style” for Tango Dancers (Note: this is not a yoga class) -Tuesdays at 6:30 pm

Open to leaders and followers of all levels. 

1) Improve your posture and balance by working on your core. 
2) Use yoga elements to find a better balance within your own body and in your mind which will improve your connection with your partner.
3) Incorporate breathing into your dancing steps and the embrace for a better tango experience.

Find your Tango Zen with this class every Tuesday starting Sept. 2.

Tango Lab – Tango Nuevo and Tango Playtime: Thursdays at 8:30 pm

Dante is back! Every Thursday before Tango Shelter (which will be weekly starting in September) Dante will work with you to play with the other side of Tango. Learn fun steps and rhythms to enhance your enjoyment of Tango Nuevo and dancing to non-traditional tango music. After class, stay and practice what you have learned at Tango Shelter – our weekly Alternative Music Milonga.

Note: For September this class will be included with the monthly packages. (Intermediate level +)

Special Workshops

Free Intro to Tango Workshop

New to tango? Curious what we’re all about?  Join us for an introductory Argentine tango workshop.  Our next workshop will be held on Sunday, September 28 (4:30-5:30). Pre-register by clicking here. Or arrive a few minutes early to sign up at the door. 
◊ No reservation necessary. ◊ FREE ◊    
Upcoming Events

Going out Dancing? Join us for these events at Triangulo.

Tuesday: Our popular and long running milonga.  (9/16) DJ Ko Tanaka. Host Carina. (9:30-12:30)

Wednesday: PURA Practica. We are going FRENCH for the month of September. Join Laure for our weekly guided practica and enjoy the French foods, drinks, themes – whatever Laure cooks up. You will have to come out and see what she has in store for you this week.  (9:30-11:30) 

Thurday Tango Shelter: Our weekly alternative milonga. Join DJ and host Dante for a relaxed and fun evening featuring Nuevo, Rock, Blues, Funk – whatever music strikes the mood. (9:30-12:00)

Friday afternoon milonga. Join us for one of our most popular weekly events. (9/19) DJ Ozgur Yen.  Hosts Maura and Richard (4:30-8:30)

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135 W 20th St, #301, New York, NY, 10011 (btw 6th and 7th Ave) Map (212) 633-6445 info@tangonyc.com
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